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Corporate Governance

The Directors support and adhere to the principles of corporate governance, recognising the need for the highest standard of corporate behaviour and accountability. The Directors are focused on fulfilling their responsibilities individually, and as a Board, for the benefit of Company stakeholders. This involves recognition of, and a need to adopt, principles of good corporate governance. The Board supports the guidelines on the 'Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Recommendations - 3rd Edition' established by the ASX Corporate Governance Council.

Given the size and structure of the Group, the nature of its business activities, the stage of its development, and the cost of strict and detailed compliance with all the recommendations, it has adopted a range of modified systems, procedures and practices which enable the Group to meet the principles of good corporate governance. The Groups' practices are consistent with the guidelines and where these do not directly relate to the recommendations in the guidelines, the Group considers that its adopted practices are appropriate. 

The Groups' modified policies are as follows:

Code of Conduct and Ethics                                       Roles of Board and Management 
Continuous Disclosure Policy                                     Audit Committee Charter 
Diversity Policy                                                             Share Trading Policy 
Remuneration Committee Charter                            Whistleblower Policy








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